Methods of pest control

There are various types of pests as well as various types or methods of controlling them. Some examples of pests include insects, weeds, and so many other things. Managing them is not hard, unlike when dealing with insects. Here are a few methods of pest control that will help you.

Chemical pest control

As the name suggests, it’s the use of chemicals to kill pests on the farm. This chemical is toxic, and they kill pests almost immediately; when using them, you should mix with some amount of water then spray on the crops before harvest time.

Physical methods

This method does not entail the use of chemicals; in fact, it’s one of the safest methods. It simply involves physically observing the pests and using other methods to kill or get rid of them. This method is perfect for killing rodents.

Cultural methods

It’s also another natural method. One example of this method is land preparation and weeding. It’s the easiest and the most simple method of all; it’s cheap and has no health problems to the crop consumer.